About Us

Hi, we’re Titan!

Since 2018, we’ve helped organizations accelerate work with no-code productivity solutions. Customers all over the world use Titan to do everything from improving the patient intake process to automating marketing and sales workflows.


In 2017, Titan was founded on the belief that “there has to be a better way.” A better way to capture data. A better way to automate tedious and repetitive work. A better way to develop solutions to everyday problems without any special skills or coding. That belief set us on a mission to improve people’s lives with practical solutions to their everyday work.

Titan is a powerful workplace productivity solution used by 1,000+ organizations of all sizes—from startups to Fortune 500s. We’re helping people reimagine their world of work by empowering them to digitize what matters, automate workflows, and fix processes—all without code.

Meet the Titan Team

Nikita Selmenskih

Technology lead

Amy Weinberg Tsabba

Creative Director

Amit Midha

VP of Customer Success

Vitaliy Lavrenko

Senior Developer

Snior Amitay

Salesforce Developer

Ori Pinhasi

Chief Information Security Officer

Gal Siloni

VP of Strategic Alliances

Ronny Belenitsky

VP of Product

Yair Konwitz

VP of Architects

Ben Miller

Sr. Account Executive

Benny Tsabba

Chief Executive Officer