Learn How to Boost Your Sales with Salesforce Document Generation

Want to increase your sales team’s productivity? Automation is the answer.

If you’re looking to spend more of your workday on actual quality sales time and waste fewer hours on manual admin, then start automating with Salesforce document generation. Because automation offers speed and precision accuracy, eliminating common manual errors.

It’s All about Automation

The future of sales is rapidly evolving. As a sales rep, you gotta have the latest tech tricks up your sleeve, or you’ll be left behind. When it comes to the daily admin of documents, the name of the game is automation. With Titan, you can quickly create accurate, stunning documents with no code and just clicks.

How can document generation for Salesforce accelerate your sales cycle? By optimizing the efficiency of your entire sales team using Titan’s versatile and invaluable form tool to elevate your business. 

Like no other, this comprehensive solution is a document generation tool that is seamlessly integrated with Salesforce, allowing quick and easy implementation, resulting in smoother doc management. All in: One. Single. Platform.

In this blog, you’ll learn how to fast-track your way through Titan’s doc gen solution. So, let’s dive in.

Streamlining Your Doc Processes with Salesforce Document Generation

The way forward is to streamline your document processes and generate smart, branded, up-to-date docs based on your Salesforce data. This way, you can win more sales by taking advantage of automated document generation, working more efficiently, and breaking the monotony of a manual workflow.

And spend less of the week tearing out your hair over mundane admin; instead, free up your schedule to scale to your business’ pace. Some tactics include engaging and using personalized templates to be more effective with your follow-up. Your customers are gonna also really appreciate receiving docs they can navigate with ease, offering them a better experience when interacting with your business. It’s a win-win for all.

So, what kind of documents can you automate, anyhow?

Types of Docs at Your Fingertips in Salesforce Document Generation

Create and automate a wide range of documents such as pdf, HTML, Word documents, and Excel files:

  • Reports
  • Personalized Templates
  • Contracts
  • Quotes
  • Proposals

Make the flow of your daily documents faster than ever before. Getting out contracts and quotes in a timely manner can make the difference between gaining a client or missing an opportunity. Use any of the following automated doc solutions to expedite new business.

Reports – Need to file multiple simultaneous reports quickly? No problemo. 

Personalized Templates – Completely customize any template directly from Salesforce.

Quotes – We all know how crucial timing is when sending a quote. It can make or break a deal. Using automated quotes will get you there first, ahead of the competition. 

Proposals Negotiate your offers with more precise accuracy and momentum. Eliminate manual errors. Drive faster review and approval.

Using automated Salesforce document generation frees up time for your actual sales lead generation and the follow-up. Let’s dive deeper into how you can use these features to empower your sales admins.

Best Practices for Salesforce Users

Nowadays, all medium to large businesses need a way to generate custom documents using Salesforce data. Ultimately we are all aiming for the same result: to boost sales cycles. Below are some pointers on generating documents in Salesforce quickly and taking your sales efforts to the next level.

Sales Reps,
Stop! Wasting precious time on emailing individual text documents.
Start automating your doc generation instead. 

Stop! Confusing users with disorganized template management that may have outdated brand info. Start updating your templates with current brand colors in a unified approach to sustain brand consistency and professionalism. 

Stop! Randomly saving documents in different places outside of salesforce. Start saving all contracts and agreements within Salesforce to swiftly locate and keep up-to-date records.

All of these pain points can be solved using Salesforce document generation.

Use Cases

Get the most out of Titan’s solutions by leveraging some of the following everyday use cases, including the most basic to more advanced elements of daily workflows.

  • Interactive Documents Pre-populated from Salesforce

    Enable your users to interact with your data and fields. Add any type of field imaginable to a word or pdf doc, such as drop-down menus, primary onboarding registration fields, including name, email, URL, date/time, signature, etc. Use this innovative tool to optimize your document generation.

  • Document Signing from Salesforce

    Do you need an e-signature that integrates with Salesforce to close that major sales deal faster than the speed of light? With TitanSign, get electronic signature turn-around within minutes. It’s so easy to share and makes the overall process available to your client on the go as it is mobile-friendly. Clients can easily sign with an e-signature or a digital signature for all contracts and agreements. All in just three easy steps: read, sign, and send. Bam.

What’s even cooler? Get an instant URL for a Titan sign document for Salesforce e-signatures.

  • Generate from Salesforce & Document to Salesforce

    As Salesforce does not have a document generation capability, you will need to use a third-party solution. Titan lets you quickly push and pull documents to and from Salesforce in just a few clicks; no code required. It is incredibly time-saving as all document generation in Salesforce is completed in real-time. Harness the full power of this solution without having to leave Salesforce.

  • Automate Document Generation with Salesforce

    Still generating single documents manually? Seriously? You’re gonna have a way better day with Salesforce automation. Salesforce document generation is far less complicated. Now the document world is your oyster – offering endless implementations, like merging multiple records and documents into single files.

Say buh-bye to the tedious task of copy/pasting tons of data or contact info one by one. And say hello to acing your deadlines with time to spare for a coffee break. 

Titan supports automating your document generation using standard salesforce tools like Flow, Process Builder, and Workflow. And also, you can generate or trigger the generation of the document using Apex.

Integrate your flow in Titan with Salesforce Flow in just a few clicks. Just head over to settings, choose the Process Builder and hit configure. In Form Titan’s menu, select your object and map it to the location where you want to pull your info from in Salesforce – in the Map Record ID dropdown. Run your form with a flow using Process Builder or a workflow using Flow from SF. It’s a powerful tool that can be used for virtually anything, as a flow, etc. Process Builder gives you the agility to automatically generate outbound messages, follow-up emails, approvals, or even new-hire onboarding in a matter of minutes. Easy-peasy!

Now for the fun part. Need to create complex business processes? If you don’t want to use the standard automation, you can also trigger our API, call it using your Apex. Call a local Apex class to trigger document automation. First install the Titan app exchange add-on, then trigger a document by Titan (using a standard automatic tool such as workflow) or Apex. Use Apex for specific enterprise business processes such as complex quotes.


  • Generating Word (Docx), PDF, and Excel Docs

    When you receive an order, you can easily automate the process of generating word (docx) and pdf documents and Excel spreadsheets based on your custom criteria. Titan AI identifies data within Salesforce for your documents and exports it to your templates in real-time. All docs are accessible for Windows and Mac users.

Generate More Revenue Today

To wrap it all up, how can automation improve your sales? 

By using Salesforce document generation, you can empower your sales team and drive a more productive overall operation. 

Titan’s digital document transformation solution for Salesforce & SAP is Lightning-ready. Absolutely no code is needed; it is integrated with your flow, utilizing a process builder for easy automation. 

Use this powerful form creation app to enrich your Salesforce experience, close more deals, generating far more revenue. 

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