Simplify document creation with Titan Docs for Salesforce

Easily create and automate custom documents directly from Salesforce using Titan’s code-free document builder.

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Custom dyanmic documents
directly from Salesforce

No-code Platform

Build custom web pages and portals with Titan’s simple drag and drop builder.

Regulatory Compliant

Ensure ultimate compliance with regulatory frameworks, including HIPPA and GDPR.

End-to-end Secure

Secure sensitive organizational data with SalesForce Shield’s end-to-end encryption.

Custom documents for your digital workflow

Prioritize patient care and empower healthcare providers

It’s time to simplify complex document flows between patients, doctors, and insurance providers for better healthcare experiences.

Medical History Records
Operative Reports
Laboratory Results
Insurance Billing Records
Discharge Summary
Medical Test Results

Deploy transparent and secure customer support experiences

Manage seamless document creation and management flows between customers, employees, partners, and vendors.

Payment Receipt
Income Statement
Financial Statement
Customer Profile
Customer Agreement

Elevate student experiences and educational resources

It’s time to simplify document management between students, educators, and partners for better educational experiences.

Teacher Evaluation
Student Evaluation
Student Record
Aptitude Test Scores
Teachers’ Log-book
Conduct Register

Scale business operations and optimize customer experiences

Optimize complex document creation and management flows between customers, employees, partners, and vendors.

Customer Profile
Sales Growth Report
Customer Profile
Payment Receipt

Empower marketing teams with optimized sales funnels

Optimize complex document flows between employees, partners and vendors for better customer experiences.

Department Report
Customer Profile
Marketing Agreement
Content Schedule

Easily generate custom document templates

Build custom contracts, proposals, and invoices directly from SalesForce in seconds — all without writing a single line of code.

Push and pull real-time Salesforce data

Share bi-directional documents with the ability to push and pull real-time data directly from your team’s Salesforce and SAP databases.


Automate repetitive tasks and templates

Easily automate digital work processes between customers, partners, and employees in order to get more work done faster than ever before.

Made for teams and everyone in between

Ensure all your teams, customers and partners are aligned every step of the way with complex approval flows, custom SSO portals for non-Salesforce users, and advanced 2FA security features.

SalesForce Automation

Progress Reports

Complex Approval Flows

Multi-User Permissions

Titan Docs Features

Multiple Formats

Dynamic Content

Digital Signatures

Admin SSO Portals

Collaborative Sharing

Access Permissions

Really great document generation tool for Salesforce

Super awesome doc generation tool with PDF, docx, and many more formats! Great support team and tutorials. Three words: simple, easy, awesome.

Suraj Patel

Generate a document and include e-signature as an added bonus

An amazing tool. I have used several form tools in the past, but this one is very versatile and easy to use. I must also say that the customer support when I got stuck has been amazing. Thank you for everything.

Jonathan Newcomer

Salesforce document generation with word templates

Better than Salesforce. My only complaint about this app was that it is so easy to setup Word templates that I don’t feel that smart anymore. The support team is also very helpful, maybe the best in the industry.

Juha Lassila

A highly recommended tool for doc generation from Word

Titan is highly recommended. I use the doc generation Word tool to prepare quotes. The support team helped me with any issue I had and were available at almost every hour to guide me via Zoom.

Alex Kuzminsky

Best document generation form creation app for Salesforce

The best app for document generation I’ve ever used with Salesforce. It is very powerful and easy to use once you know how it works. With Titan Academy you can view video tutorials that teach you everything.

Roxana Anderson

Titan is a great price for both web forms and merging docs

Having used several other tools, which mostly merge docs and forms separately, Titan has been a treat to work with — and for that price! The support team is amazing, I highly recommend.

Erik Reiken


What kinds of documents can I create with Titan Docs?

You can generate any type of document using Salesforce data, including contracts, quotes, proposals, and invoices.

Where are my documents and templates stored?

Documents can be stored either on Titan’s secure server or on your Salesforce cloud.

Can I edit, merge or convert documents with Titan Docs?

Yes, you can edit and merge documents, as well as convert them into HTML, PNG, Docx, or PDF formats.

How many objects can Titan Docs pull data from?

There are no limits to the number of objects that you can read from or write to. You can push (write) to any number of objects, create, update, and even delete records. You can also populate your document based on any number of objects, related list and dynamic content such as images, HTML, and more.

Can I embed images in my documents?

Yes, you can pull a file, URL or rich text field from Salesforce and parse them as Images on our document engine.

It’s time to go digital, try Titan Docs today.

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