Freight Transportation made Seamless

Create no code shipment websites for Salesforce to transform customer experience in the Freight Transportation Industry.

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Faster Tracking


Improved Customer Satisfaction


More Orders

Simplify Freight Transportation

Centralized Website

Generate custom quotes, track shipments, and interact with customers in one central location.

Secure Access Portals

Secure sensitive organizational data with SalesForce end-to-end encryption.

Bi-directional Collaboration

Collaborate on bi-directional assets with real-time push and pull of live Salesforce data.

Create Shipments

Rate Shipments

Track Shipments

Register Packages for Return

Interactive Maps

Calculate Quotations

Seamless Shipment Websites

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Support Bots

Titan is Trusted by Industry Giants

Highly recommended!

We highly recommend this product! It has helped to solve for a number of challenges within our organization and has enabled us to streamline data collection and form submission from our stakeholders. It’s extremely user-friendly and dynamic as well!

Jena Hayashi

Amazing tool

Suitable for many business needs, and have a high level of customer service

Itay Shechter

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