HIPAA Compliance Forms and Documents for Salesforce

The Healthcare industry has come a long way in the last several decades. Everyone can remember walking into their doctor’s office and seeing a room full of files containing all of the patient’s medical history. Waiting patiently for the doctor, they would arrive with a folder containing all your personal information from the time you were born.

Today, with a few keystrokes or taps on a screen, all that information can be queried instantly. There are multiple options of where to store that data but our number one choice is always Salesforce.

Salesforce, the original cloud-based data storage platform, has the flexibility to tailor the system’s architecture to your particular needs.

What Is HIPAA Compliance?

In 1996 the US Department of Health and Human Services created the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Prior to this act, there were no generally accepted standards of security or general requirements for health information in the industry. This development came when healthcare providers were beginning to adapt to the new reality of streamlining manual paper processes through new technology.

As the medical world has adopted new technology to meet its needs, a major emphasis has been placed on the safety of that personal data. Similar to any data stored and transmitted online, we must be diligent in protecting our data at every moment.

HIPAA regulations guarantee the protection of confidential information about individuals and the data related to them.

What Is Salesforce Health Cloud?

Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM, created Salesforce Health Cloud in 2015. The goal of Health Cloud is to combine the power of an electronic medical records system with a CRM. This gives the practitioner a view of the patient’s medical data, and their history as a customer. This allows for a more sophisticated relationship between healthcare providers and their constituents.

Salesforce also has a mobile-first approach, so it’s easy for organizations to set up mobile access to the data that matters to their users. This is crucial in our day and age where everyone expects access to data on the go.

Your Patient Data Is Sensitive, Don’t Just Use Public Forms

Public forms are easy to create but can be highly susceptible to attack from outside parties. They are also not HIPAA-compliant. Gathering sensitive data in a public form is a recipe for disaster. Public forms will also restrict your ability to streamline the data gathering process because pre-filling information will be impossible.

Secured Forms with PII

Whenever there is personal information being sent to an organization through the internet, it is of paramount importance that it is secured, lest it falls into the wrong hands. Titan Forms are built to ensure that your customer’s personal information will never get into the wrong hands. Our forms read and write data to Salesforce and are not stored in any other location. Titan’s HIPAA license goes even further to encrypt the data twice, both in rest and in transit.

When interacting with doctors, nurses, or other medical services, there are always forms involved. When a patient checks in with the secretary, they are told to fill out a form. This is also true for doctors and nurses. They are asked to fill out large amounts of paperwork to assess their patients for many different reasons.

Medical professionals complain about the time wasted filling in the same information, again and again, patient after patient, year after year. Through digital transformation and adoption, time and resources can be saved by making this data readily available for future reference, update, and review.

Options, Options, Options

Do you want your practitioners to fill out forms from a tablet? Would it be easiest if they could do it right from within Salesforce? How about a secure link that only they have access to?

Titan gives you countless options when it comes to getting data into Salesforce as well as reviewing it and changing it later on. Titan’s HIPAA-compliant license gives you all the tools necessary to improve your internal and external interactions.

Use a link connected to the patient’s record in Salesforce to fill out a pre-filled form with all of their data.

The form is responsive, so you can complete it on any device that is convenient for your team.

Titan gives you an easy way to embed your form into the Salesforce layout. In a few clicks, your form can be an LWC or Lightning Web Component. This will make gathering information simple due to the completely customizable format, which you can use for your form. Set dynamic conditional logic that will guide your user, so they can get all the data they need without thinking too hard.

If they are required to upload documents related to themselves or their patients, they can do it from the same screen.

When it comes to digital transformation, flexibility is key. Titan gives you options so that you can improve the way you work rather than changing it.

Time to Review or Evaluate the Patient?

Intake forms and patient evaluations can sometimes have dozens if not hundreds of fields in them. Now that we’ve discussed the ways to get this information into the cloud, how can we review it in a way that makes sense?

Titan’s document generation gives you the tools you need to get your data into an easily readable and reportable format. Use Titan Docs to create dynamic documents that look good and map all of the relevant fields from Salesforce with clicks only.

This is a great solution for internal review by your staff or when you need a patient to make sure all of their info is correct.

Looking to Be Acknowledged? Use Electronic or Digital Signatures

If it’s important to have proof that the information was looked over, add a signature!

Titan Sign gives you an easy way to capture a signature in any of your forms or documents. Simply add the signature element into your project and allow the user to create a new signature or upload one from a file.

Titan supports both electronic and digital signatures. Electronic signatures are free, whereas digital signatures are purchased in packs of 100 and are legally binding worldwide.

Titan’s HIPAA License Will Handle All Your Needs

These are just a few ways that Titan can transform your HIPAA-compliant business. Titan also provides web application solutions so that you can make portals completely connected to Salesforce for your customers, partners, or employees.

Let’s get more out of our data and start using Salesforce more efficiently. Choose Titan for limitless options when interacting with those who matter.

It’s All about Data Accuracy; Everything Is Synced from and to Salesforce

Titan’s bi-directional integration allows you to sync from Salesforce at every step of the way. You can bring data from any object or to any field you like. Titan Forms offers pathways to access any relevant Salesforce data needed. Use lookups, picklists synced from Salesforce, or anything else you can think of.

Each field can be set to bring information from the CRM and send data to it. We are confident that Titan can be a significant part of your digital transformation.