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Fully integrate landing pages, surveys, and much more with Salesforce so that your marketing company has all the data it needs to run targeted campaigns and generate focused leads.

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More Leads


Greater Campaign Efficiency


Improved Customer Engagement

Dynamize Data for Marketing

Centralized Website

Build custom contact forms, feedback forms, and event registrations all in one place.

Integrated Landing Pages

Create zero code interfaces 100% integrated with Salesforce

Read and Write to Salesforce in Realtime

Collaborate on bi-directional assets with real-time push and pull of live Salesforce data.

Event Registration

Contact Form

Customer Feedback Forms and Surveys

Collect Data

Accurate Salesforce Reports

Maximize Campaigns

No code Designs

Manage Client Data Securely

Customer Support

Titan is Trusted by Industry Giants

Great tool with an excellent support

It’s a very powerful tool with many integration options. The potential seems to be unlimited – all the solutions I needed, I found it there. There are loads of tutorials and the support team is very helpful. With so much material and support it’s possible to get the hang of it without so much effort even if you’re not a developer. I would highly recommend the tool!’

Cassio Roman

All in one amazing product!

The product is easy to setup and configure as required by the business […] An easy-to-use product that meets a lot of business needs

Mor Zarhy

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