Get better ROI with Salesforce – Meet Novus Entertainment ($50k in savings with Titan)

About Novus Entertainment

Novus is a fibre facilities based Internet, TV and phone service provider servicing mainly high-rise buildings 50 units and up, in 7 municipalities in the metro Vancouver area. We compete directly with the incumbent service providers, Telus and Shaw. We have 28,000 customers in 700 buildings and are adding 100 annually to our network.

Our Rockstar profile…

Alfred Kruger VP Network Operations and Development at Novus Entertainment and is responsible for fibre network expansion, pushing out network further out as opportunity allows and where it takes sense. He is also responsible for the processes and procedures to make out team as productive and efficient as possible.

Alfred’s Salesforce Background…

“I’m not a coder, more of a drag-and-dropper“


Accurate Salesforce data is essential to Novus. They use this data to report on project progress and identify weaknesses in their organization. Before Titan everyone had their own spreadsheets and it was a nightmare, making it Impossible to run analysis on. They used to have a person dedicated to this task, just updating information.


Build dynamic forms that integrate with Salesforce allowing employees to update data in real time. No more manual entries into Salesforce

Did it work?

Yep. Novus have saved $50k in just under 6 months after joining Titan.
Check out Novus Customer success story below:

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