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Improve digital healthcare experiences for Member, Doctors, Providers and Payers with Titan’s HIPAA compliant code-free platform for Salesforce Health Cloud.

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Faster Onboarding


Member Journeys


Reduced Manual Entry

Salesforce Health-cloud-based Digital Healthcare


Build and collaborate on custom docs, forms, surveys, and web apps all in one place.

Secure Member
Access Portals

Secure sensitive organizational data with SalesForce Shield’s end-to-end encryption enables scalable Member Care Management.


Provide personalized and guided member experiences with Titan’s bi-directional real-time push and pull of live Salesforce data.

Hybrid Care

Operative Reports

Clinical Reference Laboratory Results

Salesforce Vaccine Cloud integration

Discharge Summaries

Medical Test Results

Physician Referrals

Expert Community

HIPAA Consent Forms

Titan is Trusted by Industry Giants

Great way to move applications from pen and paper to online

Awesome product! Using FormTitan we have moved a 3,500+ application from pen and paper to online, saved months of staff time, built out tools to interface with schools and other groups.

Matthew Nosco

Titan saves us a huge amount of time collecting user information

We spend a significant amount of time doing back-and-forth to collect user and business details. With Form Titan we’ve cut the turnaround time for collecting this important information down by 60%.

Peter Swift

Titan for online signatureshas everything you need

After paying loads of money to Adobe for signatures, we decided to completely replace Adobe with this and it is amazing. It has everything you need and more. The team are always helping when needed.

Mihai Vasai

Powerful form builder with digital signatures

Powerful form builder with impressive digital signature features. Titan Forms deserves its five-star rating — it’s easy to get help where and when you need it, with so many rich features and options!

Jay Delaune

Easy to setup and configure as required by the business

All in one amazing product! The product is easy to setup and configure as required by the business. We had a brainstorming with the team who were professional and found a solution to every issue.

Mor Zarhy

Get and push data with features including digital signatures

As a Salesforce Implementer, a winning combination of great professional service and crazy features including digital signature, PDF files and especially the option to push data with Salesforce.

Asaf Yoshpe

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