Salesforce Scheduler

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Scheduling in Salesforce

Organizations that use Salesforce are constantly striving to make it their all encompassing source of truth for their employees. Each process that takes place in the life cycle of your client facing deals, employee history, and customer support should have a place in your Salesforce environment.

This is also true for tasks and events. When a customer comes to schedule a meeting with someone in your organization the time, date, and purpose of the meeting should also be stored in Salesforce.

Salesforce does offer a powerful scheduling tool but it does not come as part of the out of the box lightning experience. It is great for scheduling appointments from customers and guests on your website. The Salesforce scheduler can also be used for internal users to assign appointments to other team members or departments. It can also be worked into businesses processes using Salesforce automation tools.

Bi-Directional Scheduling With Any Object

Titan Forms offers Salesforce users and their customers interfaces that have full bi-directional integration with the CRM. Through incorporating the Titan Scheduling element in a Titan Form you can create, update, and manipulate much more than just events and tasks in Salesforce.

The first video in this post titled, “Collect Leads and Schedule Demos…” is an example of exactly that. This is a multi-page form that on the first page collects details required to save a lead in Salesforce and on the second allows that lead to sign up for an appointment.

A Calendar that Can Read and Write from Any Object

Titan is able to read and write data to any record in any object in Salesforce. The benefit of this is that in the calendar you are not limited to just working with events and tasks as you might expect. The benefit of this is that you can do things like viewing your contacts and displaying them based on any date and time. An example of this would be basing it on the last update made to a contact.

Assigning Tasks to Users

The second video in this post is an example of how an internal user could use a calendar to assign any type of record in Salesforce to different users with a date and time attached. Titan’s scheduler is highly customizable and versatile. It can be used in a large variety of use cases.

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