Create Token in Stripe and Push to Salesforce without Charging Credit Card

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Stripe Integration for Salesforce

Stripe, founded in 2010, is an Irish-American company that provides payment processing software and APIs for websites and mobile applications. It has quickly risen to be a top choice for eCommerce websites thanks to its APIs that web developers use to integrate into their websites and apps.

Stripe uses a process called tokenization to collect sensitive customer payment details like credit card information. Stripe will receive the true payment details and return them to the vendor as an identifiable token. This allows the vendor to store the payment information in a secure manner within their CRM or another internal database.

Organizations that use Salesforce need ways to integrate payment with Stripe while also sending the token and payment history to the CRM for future reference.

Salesforce Payment Integration

Titan Forms allows organizations to collect all types of information from customers and map it to any object in Salesforce. In addition, to collecting data like names, addresses, and contact info, Titan can also capture payment credentials. The payment integration in Titan Forms works with over a dozen payment providers around the globe and is always expanding.

It allows users to seamlessly collect customer payment information while also sending other data to Salesforce.

Single and Recurring Payments

Two of the most common types of payments that users make are single and recurring payments. A single payment is when a user is making a one-time payment for a product, subscription, or service. A recurring payment is when the same charge will be made to the same credit card or account on a repeated basis. Titan allows you to do both single and recurring payments and will push the transaction information to Salesforce in these instances.

One interesting use case that some customers have is creating a token in Stripe and pushing it to Salesforce without taking payment!

This is useful in situations where the customer is entering a contract with a vendor and needs to provide their payment credentials but is not obligated to pay any fees yet. The vendor needs a secure way to collect the payment info and store it so that they can use it at a later time.

With Titan, you can create a token in Stripe without charging the customer. The process is easy and as always you can track all of the steps in Salesforce and it does not require any code! Please take a look at the video and let us know if there are other use cases that we can help you achieve.