Salesforce Surveys

Who uses Surveys?

Every industry wants to receive feedback from it’s employees, customers, or shareholders. Collecting data and reporting on it in the simplest way possible is essential to any business. 

When buying a product or service from a company the customer will often receive a survey asking them if they are satisfied with the product or purchase. Too often these surveys are clunky or difficult to fill out for the participant. 

The same goes for employee surveys. Company’s try to gather feedback from their employees for various reasons, end of a quarter, change in corporate structure, and more. This bears the question, can the data that we collect be reported on in a sophisticated yet accessible way?

Survey Types

Remember those people that used to go door to door collecting survey information for the national census? Today, there is no need to go around collecting data manually. All types of surveys can be conducted using online tools. 

Let’s do a review of the most common types of surveys:

Customer Satisfaction Survey– This is the most widely used survey type. The best opportunity to gather data about customer satisfaction is right after you interact with them. This could be after buying a product, speaking with a salesperson or customer service representative, or just visiting a store. These surveys are important for determining the quality of the interactions that you are having with those that matter most. 

Market Research Survey– This is a way to determine what your market thinks about a product or service. Often this will be used before launching a new offering. Questions will ask about opinion towards a product or a service and will gauge what is important to the consumer. These are great for creating strategies that will relate to the people you are selling to.

Employee Satisfaction Survey– Are your employees happy? Anyone who has worked in an office knows that there are lots of opinions among workers and some will only expose their beliefs if asked to. Others will make themselves heard at every moment they can!

An employee satisfaction survey allows workers to give feedback, good and bad to their workplace. This format is helpful due to its scalability and anonymity, a key ingredient to getting honest responses. 

Exit Interview Survey– Another important opportunity to collect data that can have an impact on the way you run your business. Exit interviews are crucial in making sure that you are doing everything possible to retain employees. When someone decides to leave the company make sure you collect data in a way that can be reported on in the future. 

Why Salesforce is a Great Place for Collecting Survey Data

Salesforce, the leading cloud based CRM platform is the best choice for housing all of your company’s data. In 1999 it was founded as a CRM to help sales teams improve their interactions with prospects and customers. Today it has evolved into the software that drives the backend of over 100,000 businesses around the world. These range from small non-profit organizations to some of the most well known companies in high-tech, manufacturing, financial services, healthcare and more. 

The power of Salesforce lies in its open APIs and architectural flexibility. It allows organizations to create and relate data to each other in the way they want, that makes most sense for their business needs. 

Survey data is no different, Salesforce has the potential to be an incredible place to collect, analyze, and report on survey data.

Why Aren’t More People Using Salesforce for Surveys?

Salesforce does provide its own survey tool that you can learn about here:

For many organizations this is a great option. However, in some cases they are not robust enough to capture and report on the data that organizations need to collect. There are other survey tools on the market, but they are very expensive and their connection to Salesforce is not robust enough to accomplish the goals of the business. 

Titan Surveys is Here to Change This

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Titan is a digital experience platform for Salesforce. The platform has several products all with one clear goal – to give you and your customers more ways to interact with the power of salesforce. 

Titan Surveys is fully integrated with Salesforce. It is easy to use. It requires no configuration, so anyone on your team can create and send out surveys. Just download and install our package and you can be collecting data in minutes.

Web Based or Email

The Titan Salesforce Survey offers two types of survey formats: e-mail survey and web survey. 

E-Mail surveys allow you to push a response from a survey question to Salesforce from within an email. An example of this is automating a process that each time your support rep gets off a call with a customer that customer then receives an email. In the email there is a message thanking them for their time and a question that asks if they were satisfied with the service. You choose if you would like them to rate it with stars, likerts, text, or  something else. The participant can then click on their answer in the email and it will send their feedback directly from Salesforce. There is no need to have them navigate away from their mailbox. 

The Web Survey builder gives you dynamic questionnaires or simple single or multi-page surveys. Choose from dozens of field types and style everything to match the look and feel of your business.

Different Types of Questions Available:

Online shopping theme with hand pressing a button on a technology screen

Text– Allow respondents to write whatever they want as an answer to your question.

Date– Auto-populate today’s date or allow people to choose a date from the calendar. 

Time– Auto-populate the current time or select one yourself. 

Picklists– Dropdown menus can make taking a survey easier while improving the data you collect. Choose from predefined options. The picklists can be synched with those in your Salesforce environment or custom made for your survey. 

File Upload– Respondents can upload relevant files with their survey data.

Sliders– A fun way to choose a value. Just slide the bar to decide what value you want to pick. 

Yes / No – Make it as easy as yes or no for participants to respond. 

Ranking– Rank a list of choices in order of highest to lowest or lowest to highest, whatever you want!

Image Choice– Let respondents choose an image from a carousel as their answer.

Is there another type of question you were thinking of? Contact us and we’ll let you know if we have it!

Complex Logic Made Simple

Organizations that use Titan often need complex logic built into their forms, documents, portals, and surveys. Luckily for them Titan makes all of that easy. Conditional logic is accomplished with clicks only. Trigger what you want, when you want so that your participant will answer the questions correctly and efficiently.

In Titan Surveys the flow of the questions can be directed based on the responses of its user. You can also have a different end slide based on the logic that you set. 

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