Titan Academy Webinars

Donk Survey Webinar

This Webinar will give you an overview of our newest addition to the Titan family: Titan Survey for salesforce.

First Steps in Titan Web

This webinar covers the Titan Web and it’s functionalities.

Titan Sign

Learn about ways to generate documents, types of signatures, how to automate multi signer processes and track everything in Salesforce.

Titan Web Launch Party

Relive the excitement of our Titan Web Launch Party. Get a glimpse into some of the custom web applications you can build. Titan Web is a no code web application builder powered directly by Salesforce data.

What’s New in Titan

Join our Titan Webinar from September 2020. In this session you will learn more about new things in Titan:– Push Notifications– LWC– Barcode Scanner

Titan Platform Overview

Join us on a journey to learn more about Titan DXP Platform via this Webinar from August 2020.This Webinar will overview the following topics: Forms, Document generation, portals, doc Sign.