What’s Better than a Customer Testimonial?

8 min read

A testimonial from a POTENTIAL customer!

Felix von Saas is the CTO at a growing SEO company based in the US. Their focus is turning organic search into a performance marketing channel. They currently have over 200 clients and are quickly scaling.

“After being stuck on some functionality with all other form softwares…”

What Felix was looking for. Extending his Salesforce…

Felix and I got on a call together on a Sunday in February 2021. He was looking for a way to send out forms for collecting payment information for clients directly from Salesforce.

After hearing about his experience with other form builders, we jumped into Titan forms.

I highlighted some of the most unique features of Titan to Felix. One of these was the ability to have customers update data in an existing record ID in Salesforce. It doesn’t matter what object, both standard and custom objects can be worked with from within a Titan form. 

He was impressed, not only with the functionality, but also the ease of integration with Salesforce and the intuitive drag and drop interface. 

After a couple of minutes Felix was confident that we could satisfy the needs of what he came for.

That’s when the fun began….

Felix had a good feeling that there was a lot more to see. So I made sure not to disappoint. 

I showed Felix Titan’s SmartV, Smart Verification technology. This gives you the ability to authenticate users based on an email address stored in Salesforce.

His mind started racing with all of the custom solutions he could create for his clients. 

“This kind of software allows for some serious serious scaling”

Document Generation for Salesforce

Felix had told me that he was really happy with the document generation software he was currently using for Salesforce. So I asked him to show it to me. 

He had only good things to say about the vendor he was using and walked me through some of the business scenarios that they had for contracts with clients. 

I briefly showed him how Titan Docs works and the ability to create templates and merge all of the fields right from Microsoft Word. As you can see in the video he made for us, he decided to take Titan for a full test drive. Nothing is better than having one platform that can handle all of your Salesforce needs.