Creating a Custom Salesforce Knowledge Base

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Grant Access to Your Salesforce Knowledge Base

A knowledge base is an important tool for sharing information with internal users in your organization as well as customers looking for answers.  Salesforce is the perfect place to store these articles and track user interactions with them.
Depending on where you would like your knowledge base to be hosted and how you would like to design it will help you understand the best way to accomplish your goals.

Titan Web gives you the flexibility to create a Knowledge Base that can be hosted on your website or embedded inside a Salesforce Community without writing any code.

Designing Your Salesforce KB

The Titan Web builder gives you all the tools you need to create an incredible UX/UI experience for your user. Brand your knowledge base exactly the way you want using your company’s colors, logos, and fonts.

Dynamic User Experience in Your Salesforce KB

Titan’s SmartV gives your organization the ability to dynamically populate the Knowledge Base according to the permissions that any particular user has in Salesforce. This means that you can use one knowledge base for your internal users and customers from one public link. From the public link your users can log in and receive a completely tailored view. The data categories that will display in the Knowledge Base for users who have employee permissions can be completely different from what a customer will see when they access the site through a public link or using their username. 

All of the data will be coming straight from Salesforce which means that if there’s an update in Salesforce it will automatically be reflected in the Knowledge Base.

User Interaction

Any user that access your Knowledge Base can submit feedback about the material they read, download a PDF of an article, or ask questions to support directly from the interface.

Dictate the type of interaction that you want to see and make it easy for everyone to take part in the wealth of Knowledge your company has.

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