Document Generation

56 minutes watch
Ronny Belenitsky
VP Product
Gal Siloni
VP Alliances

This special webinar discussed the ins and outs of Titan Docs, and how this tool for Salesforce can transform your doc generation. The webinar, hosted by Titan’s VP of Product, Ronny Belenitsky was divided into three parts, basic document generation, advanced document generation, and finally a big reveal of our Excel Add-In.

While breaking down the basics, we explained our Word Add-In, package installation, how to add a field and table from Salesforce, discussed sections and conditions, as well as a range of other topics to give you a working knowledge of this tool. For advanced document generation, we dived into more complicated points of discussion like translations, nested sections, multiple objects in your documents, and how to automatically generate this document from Salesforce.

In conclusion, we revealed out Excel Add-In for the very first time, and gave a teaser for Titan Web.

Key takeaways covered in this session:

  • Titan Web Launch Party
  • Titan Web- First Steps Webinar
  • Titan’s No Code PowerTables for Salesforce
  • Create Stylish Salesforce Web Projects
  • Financial Services Webinar
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