Introducing Titan Survey

44 minutes watch
Amit Midha
VP. Costumer Success
Benny Tsabba
CEO & Founder

In this special webinar, Titan introduced its very own survey product to the world. The webinar explains how Titan Survey works, unpacks different survey types, discusses a number of survey features, touches upon use cases, and explores Titan Survey’s distribution methods.

Introducing Titan Survey

Titan Survey enables you to create surveys using web or email, meaning you can either redirect respondents to a web link, or they can fill out surveys in their email. Using Titan’s survey tool for Salesforce, questions and responses are automatically mapped to Salesforce. You get 100% Salesforce integration, with none of the effort.

Add a range of different question types such as sliders, ratings, star ratings, drop-down lists, image choice, matrix questions, and much more. All Titan Survey distribution methods are natively integrated with Salesforce, putting us ahead of competitors.

Get to know Titan Survey – No Code, No Salesforce Configuration Tool. See how you can build your own survey

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