Platform Overview

62 minutes watch
Ronny Belenitsky
VP Product
Gal Siloni
VP Alliances
Amit Midha
VP Customer Success

In this exciting webinar, learn more about Titan Forms and Doc Gen, and how these no code survey tools can work together for the same business process. Titan products are not only designed to integrate seamlessly with Salesforce, but also with each other, for optimal form and document flows.

In this platform overview, we take a look at a fascinating use case, focusing on a GDPR consent form. The webinar traces the business process from the point at which the consent form is filled in, using Titan Forms, to the point at which this information is generated as a document by Titan docs. This document then stands as an agreement between the relevant company and the person who filled in the form. The takeaway? Get Titan’s products to work together for end-to-end solutions.

Key takeaways covered in this session:

  • Form Basics
  • Document Generation
  • Titan Web Launch Party
  • Titan Web- First Steps Webinar
  • Titan’s No Code PowerTables for Salesforce
  • Create Stylish Salesforce Web Projects
  • Financial Services Webinar
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